Use A Mobile Phone Holder Waiting for Your Color

Prop up a mobile phone on this phone holder and watch a video while waiting for your color to process. It’s so much more comfortable than holding the phone up the whole time. A color usually takes anywhere from 30, and even up to 45 mins to process, meanwhile you’re sitting in that salon chair with nowhere to escape.

mobile phone holder while getting a hair colour done


We love out compact phone holder, perfect for salon visits. Folds into a neat compact unit to slot into any place/pocket in your handbag. To use, unfold and adjust to the perfect height.


Convenient for daily use, work or home. Adjust to the perfect height, then tilt with a finger touch for the best view and save your neck. Take it everywhere. Folds down into a slimline unit to fit into a briefcase or handbag.

compact phone holder for handbag or briefcase




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