How To Match Hair Colour To Your Skin Tone

Figuring Out The Perfect Hair Colour.

Why do the models in the magazines have the most amazing hair colour?! Trying to choose the right colour is a maze, and it never works out. Then, it’s how to fix a hair colour thats become a total disaster!

Our unique colour consultation indicates exactly how much pigment you have in your skin, which will provide a distinct measure of how dark or light a colour should be.

Skin pigment changes from around 28 to 30 years old and up. It’s just that there’s a change and it’s hard to pick it.

why does natural hair colour go dark match with skin tone

Hair Colour Changes Before It Turns White Grey

Natural hair colour is made of the color spectrum being reds, orange, yellow (gold), Blue and green. As hair prepares to turn grey, the colour loses natural reds and golds leaving the hair with a majority mix of blues and greens.

These tones are ash colours. Ash colours absorb light, and this is when you might think that your hair is going darker. It is, but in appearance only.

It becomes confusing because ash colours are great for cool skin tones. But the problem is that skin tones are becoming lighter and more sallow due to these pigment changes. Natural ash tones become to ‘heavy’ for the skin pigment and suddenly friends and family are asking if you’re feeling tired, and suggest that you take a vacation.

Surprising since the last you remembered, you woke up feeling your best ever that morning!

You might have a warm skin tone, and ash tones will look even worse.

Notice some shadowing under the eyes, around the corners of the mouth, top lip, and the horse shoe of the chin. Imagine a pencil portrait. If intending to depict a sad and worn out tired face, the artist would shadow all of those areas in.

In a couple of months, or just a few years, dark ash grey starts to turn to white grey, which is grey as we know it. But at this point, it’s a mix of dark ash and white grey. The whole head of hair is now actually 100% grey.

Hair color ash

Colouring Grey Hair

Hair colour comes from your skin pigment, so if you’ve lost pigment in your hair, it means you’ve lost pigment in your skin. Grey, or white hair is the obvious indicator. Worse still, the texture of grey hair is usually dry, unruly, and never seems to look healthy.

The result of covering those greys is startling, but the dilemma is choosing the right colour. Going back to the natural colour just won’t work any more. Grey hair draws colour right out of your face, and there are shadows under the eyes and around the corners of the mouth. So which way to go?

As part of our colour service at Pricewave Hairdressers, our ten minute colour consultation quickly identifies skin tones. Thereafter we analyse current hair colour status, and come up with the perfect match. Suddenly the face becomes radiant and even lip colour comes back! So now you can put the botox on hold.

which hair colour improves lip colour

How About Adding Foil Hilites To The Colour

Adding even just a couple of foil hilites to the colour is almost an essential when covering grey hair. Skin pigment has changed, become lighter. A quick check of the way hair has naturally greyed will often show a mix of white and dark grey hair strands. That’s exactly what is happening to skin pigment. Skin pigment has become dissipated, and not as ‘solid’ as it was.

Covering grey hair with a blanket colour doesn’t match the ‘texture’ of the skin pigment so it often looks fake, kind of not quite right, and almost ‘wiggy’. Somethings off. A couple of foil hilites help to break up that solidity, add a little interest and additional reflect. I often match hilite colour to the flecks of colour I see in the eye. Suddenly you look like you just got back from 2 weeks in the Caribbean!

Better still, these hilites last 4 to 6 months, and all that is needed then is to do the root regrowth say every 6 weeks or so, to keep on top of those greys. Quick, easy and cheap. There’s no better way.

Call Pricewave Hairdressers Sunnybank Hills on 07 3272 1966, or message for a colour appointment on our TEXT ONLY: 0414 575 310. A new and fresh hair colour will lift your spirits. No need to do more, just do it right. It changes your life, and surprisingly, maintaining the colour now becomes super easy.

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Root colour regrowth price is around $115. Or take advantage of our colour promos that include regrowth cut and style. We keep a record card with all colour details for the exact colour mix every time.

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