Chemical Straightening vs. Permanent Smoothing Treatments for Curly Frizzy Hair

Decoding the Untamed Mane Mystery.

Having luscious, manageable locks is a dream for many grappling with curly, frizzy hair. We offer chemical straightening and permanent smoothing treatments. While both techniques aim to transform unruly curls into sleek strands, they differ a little in the outcome.

Chemical straightening alters the hair structure leading to straightened results. The result is often pin straight silky hair and remains that way even after shampooing. Hair will dry totally straight. In most cases, there’s no need to using a straightening iron at all.

Permanent Straightening Pricewave Hairdressers Sunnybank Hills


Permanent smoothing treatments, such as our AGI ONE keratin treatment, will relax unruly hair leaving it shiny and silky. This treatment focuses on taming frizz and smoothing out curls rather than permanently altering the hair’s structure. Our Agi One smoothing treatment infuses the hair with a protein called keratin, which helps repair and strengthen the strands, providing a smoother and more manageable appearance. Silkiness is heat activated so every time you wash your hair, a blowave  will activate the smoothing effect. Use a straightening iron just the same. Keratin smoothing makes styling quicker and easier. Your hair will stay styled much longer until you wash and style again. A great humidity buster too.

More versatile, allowing the everyday girl to embrace a straightened look or maintain a looser, natural wave, depending on their preference.

Keratin Smoothing treament Pricewave Hairdressers Sunnybank Hills


Please allow at least 3 to 4 hours for this service.

To book an appointment please call 07 3272 1966, or send us a message on our mobile for TEXT ONLY: 0414 575 310

The price for Chemical Straightening and Smoothing Treatments are pretty much the same. Starting at around $290.00 and $360.00, up to $580.00 for long, thick or extra curly hair. The correct after care shampoo and conditioner/mask is essential for lasting results. Price around $49.95 per 500ml bottle respectivley.

To find out more about chemical straightening and our smoothing treatments click here Pricewave Hairdressers Sunnybank Hills Shoppingtown.

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